the shepherd

Riding my electric motorcycle, making some pretty awesome video's, but don't take my word for it


the shepherd

your friend

The Shepherd is a human being, someone like you, but much wiser.

His greatest achievement in life was mastering the art of not giving a flying f*ck.


He is a visionary, a mathematician, a farmer, a trader, a wizard or what some might call 'an artist'.


The Shepherd, an early Bitcoin adopter, visionary and virtual reality psychiatrist will most probably donate €1 million in Bitcoin to someone quite soon..


Maybe it's you!

the shepherd

super farm massage

the shepherd

super sheep

frequently asked questions

Is The Shepherd a real person ?

Yes, i said that already.


Is The Shepherd a real singer ?



Can i book The Shepherd ?

Yes, you can.


Can i share your video ?

No, but there is no way to stop you is there ?


Why are you doing this ?

Why are you reading this ?


Can i order a colorful sheep ?

Yes, please do.


If i try to contact you will i get a quick answer ?

Not unless you are a hot blonde.


Will The Shepherd run for president of the US ?

Most definitely.


What is your privacy policy ?

Nothing is private, except maybe Ryan,

private Ryan's privates might be quite private.



Who is behind The Shepherd ?

Everyone, mostly.


Why flashy pink, it's making my eyes bleed ?

The answer is in the question.


What is The Shepherd's motto ?

One sheep a day keeps the doctor away.


Were any people or animals hurt during the shoots ?

Yes, there was quite a bit of shooting actually.

Everyone is alive and well again though, thanks for asking.


Will there be more music and video's ?



Where is The Shepherd from ?

Earth, here and there.


Who are the other people in the video's ?

Random blondes with pink wigs who wouldn't leave.


Is The Shepherd a nudist, vegan or religious fanatic ?

Yes and no.


Will there be a full movie of The Shepherd soon ?

Absolutely, who told you ?



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